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OEP is an acquisition vehicle created to acquire equity interests in already identified high-quality oil & gas fields. 


Founded by Craig Pennington and Lawrence Tal, OEP offers investors a unique opportunity to target high returns in an area of the oil & gas market that is underinvested. The OEP Team has over 25 years average experience in the sector with an excellent track record of delivering value for investors.


Our initial focus is SE Asia, where proprietary screening and detailed due diligence has highlighted the best opportunities, especially in gas development assets. We have already identified initial priority investments with additional target transactions.


We are focused primarily on financial returns as opposed to production growth or booking reserves.


Unlocking Stalled Plays


The traditional joint operating model of the sector broke down well before oil prices fell. An almost exclusive focus on exploration resulted in companies being unable to attract partners willing to manage the risks of subsequent commercialisation. 


OEP is focused on Stalled Oil & Gas PlaysTM. The majority of these assets have stalled in the pre-development phase where investment activity lacks progress due to operators having too high equity interest, partners lack alignment, are unable or unwilling to meet capital requirements.


Target assets are predominantly gas, pre-development in nature and based either onshore or in shallow water, close to existing markets and infrastructure.


We provide the catalyst to unlock these opportunities. Post-investment in the fields, OEP will increase the value of investments by applying commercial, financial and technical skills and expertise gained over the past 25 years.





Now is the time to invest with the oil price downturn providing OEP with better, often exclusive, access and significant value capture potential. 


We target returns of 30-40% per annum (assuming current gas/oil prices with potential upside should prices increase).


Target assets are predominantly entering the development phase but include certain production assets, which will enable the portfolio to pay a dividend.


The investment period will be 2 years. OEP expects to realise individual investments on an 8-10 year timeframe, with potential to exit sooner if attractive terms are available.




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